Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Welcome to my world!

Hey, friends and family! Here's a way for us to stay more connected.......and a chance for you all to see more about what's going on in my life on a regular basis. Isn't this cool? My friends Rob and Patricia Williams (who live down the street from me and are on staff with CCC as well) showed me how to set it up. Thanks, Rob!

So, here goes nothing:
Today, Patricia and I actually went shopping at the Millenia Mall. She's going to a wedding this week in Virginia, and being the good friend that I am, I volunteered to go along. You know, to help her pick out a dress. And to buy myself several items. Ah, it never fails. I usually end up buying more than who I'm with! Which I did today. Those of you who know me are not surprised by this concept at all.

Brent (my hubbie) is off and gone to Russia, leaving my poor little self behind to tend to our flock. "Flock" is rather apropos to describe our little munchkins (or "big, fat, hairy ones," if you prefer) : Dexter, our 120-lb. yellow Labrador, whose personality I liken to that of Goofy or Pluto (now which one is it that wears clothes and which one doesn't? My husband could answer that question). Dexter's a gigantic, sniffer-focused lover (not a fighter!) who doesn't know his own strength. Yes, those of you who have been priviliged enough to have Dexter jump all over you understand what I mean, right?

Then there's Oliver and Pixie, our two roosters. Nah -- actually, they're cats. Cats who rule the roost. Oliver sleeps on his back most of the time and enjoys a good, hearty belly rub every now and then. He's a major cuddler, enjoying a lot of affection (both from humans and from Pixie -- and when she won't pay attention to him, he literally just jumps on her. That usually gets her attention. Pixie is more the prissy female, especially upon first meeting her, but she's a real "talker" who loves attention and a good butt scratch. You probably could have done without that last bit of info., but it's too late now and THIS IS MY BLOG. Ha! :)

Back to Brent in Russia. He's in Samara right now -- just arrived around 1